Measure Your Thermal Risk & Prevent Unplanned Outages or Downtime

Data Centre Optimisation (DCOP)

EkkoSense is the UK’s leading data centre optimisation & thermal risk specialist with a specialist team of thermal and cooling experts that brings over 20 years’ proven operational experience. Because of this we’re uniquely positioned to first analyse, then optimise the thermal performance of your critical data centre and telecommunications environments. Dependence on today’s data centres has never been more critical. However, while organisations continue to invest significantly in cooling equipment, it’s surprising just how few data centres are thermally compliant or have undertaken critical redundancy tests to understand their cooling risk profile.
Having surveyed over 100 UK data centres, in 95% of cases our consultants found severe airflow imbalances and cooling system performance uncertainties that were contributing to significant thermal risks. This was despite the data centres in question already investing significantly in ongoing cooling maintenance. In our research we also found that 11% of all racks were thermally non-compliant (according to ASHRAE guidelines), and that 95% of data centres don’t actually perform controlled cooling resilience tests.

Key DCOP benefits

Across every engagement, Ekkosense’s DCOP team has successfully removed an organisation’s thermal data centre risks, dropped the costs of cooling and delivered a clear ROI – often under 12 months – on their investment in EkkoSense solutions and optimisation. Analysis from EkkoSense’s database of optimisation projects shows that the service delivers direct benefits in three key areas:

Risk – Thermal Risk accounts for 29% of unplanned outages in data centres. With the EkkoSense DCOP service you remove that risk entirely – a key factor given that most data centres still don’t know if they are thermally compliant. Energy Usage – over 35% of a data centre’s energy consumption is on cooling. Organisations that have applied the EkkoSense DCOP process save between 20 to 40% on their cooling costs – effectively funding the thermal optimisation process while also reducing critical environment risk.
Capacity – Without thermal optimisation, data centre operators have no option but to add further cooling if they have thermal issues. EkkoSense DCOP quantifies and releases cooling capacity – indeed our data suggests that average data centre cooling utilisation is actually only running at 34%, suggesting that capacity issues are rarely with cooling plant or lack of capacity and are actually more to do with airflow and cooling strategy management. Read more in our Data Centre News section.

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