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Find out how to cut your data centre cooling energy bill by 23%

With research suggesting that only a third of installed data centre cooling equipment actually delivers active cooling benefits, there’s a pressing requirement for organisations to optimise their data centre thermal performance. However, to achieve this it’s necessary for data centre managers and energy teams to have access to much more granular levels of data. This effectively requires data centres to monitor and report temperature and cooling loads more actively on an individual rack-by-rack basis. Unfortunately less than 5% of data centres currently gather this kind of precision data, as it requires a far greater networked mesh of sensors to accurately capture not just temperatures, but also energy usage, heat outputs and airflows.

Moving towards precision data centre operations

EkkoSense believes that when a data room is carefully mapped with appropriate thermal data fields, a whole new level of understanding and cooling efficiency is possible. Ideally this means a rack-level detailed map of your estate that displays all your cooling and thermal performance in real-time. But to make that happen you need to call on around 10x more sensors that are currently deployed in today’s typical data centre. Until now this was a barrier, however the latest Internet of Things (IoT) enabled monitoring sensors can track all this critical cooling data for less than 20% of the cost of one of your traditional cooling units. And, by combining a sensor installation based on our EkkoAir Internet of Things-enabled sensors with the real-time optimisation capabilities of our EkkoSoft Critical 3D visualisation software, you can actually unlock energy savings of at least 23% with a typical payback of less than 12 months. And with our portfolio of structured optimisation services you can – for the first time – commit to removing 100% of thermal risk from critical data centre operations.

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