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Moving towards comprehensive M&E capacity planning

EkkoSoft Critical® – the world’s first SAAS-powered 3D visualisation and optimisation software to offer full cooling and power capacity planning coverage.

Optimise your data centre thermal performance

Organisations are spending far more than they need on expensive data centre cooling hardware. With research suggesting that only a third of installed data centre cooling equipment actually delivers active cooling benefits, there’s a pressing requirement for organisations to optimise their data centre thermal performance. However, to achieve this it’s necessary for data centre managers and energy teams to have access to much more granular levels of cooling real-time data and power information . This effectively requires data centres to monitor and report temperature and cooling loads more actively on an individual rack-by-rack basis.

Enabling true real-time data centre decision making

Unfortunately, less than 5% of data centres currently gather this kind of precision data. Organisations taking advantage of EkkoSense’s Internet of Things enabled sensors, real-time 3D thermal visualisation monitoring software, and proven M&E capacity planning services achieve new levels of thermal understanding and power efficiency. And with our low-cost technology, you can create a much more granular mesh of networked sensors that accurately capture not just temperatures, but also energy usage, heat outputs and airflows – exactly the kind of information you’ll need to evolve towards the next generation of DCIM-class capacity planning and simulation.

Daisy Group Case Study

Find out how Daisy Group reduced its data centre cooling energy consumption with EkkoSense in a project that secured payback in under 12 months

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Thermal Compliance

All data centre ‘hot spots’ removed to ensure compliance with ASHRAE-recommended thermal performance ranges

Capacity Planning

True DCIM-class capacity planning and simulation functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure management.

ROI Within 12 Months

Annual cooling energy saving targets are regularly exceeded, ensuring estate-wide ROI for EkkoSense projects in under a year

Critical Things Sensors and EkkoSoft 3D Software

With the industry’s first Internet of Things (IoT) enabled family of wireless thermal sensors, EkkoSense is disrupting the traditional sensor cost model, making real-time thermal management of data centres a reality. Our Critical Things® portfolio features EkkoSensor wireless sensors, EkkoAir for tracking live cooling duty, and the EkkoHub wireless data receiver that shares measurement data with our EkkoSoft® Critical 3D visualisation and analysis SaaS software.

Using the latest visualisation techniques and real-time inputs from our IoT sensors, EkkoSoft® Critical provides data centre operators with the industry’s first truly intuitive, holistic 3D real-time view of their data centre environment. Tracking physical and thermal dynamics in a realistic 360-degree view means that data centre and facility management professionals benefit from real-time visualisation of their critical heartbeat operational data.

Wireless Sensor with Display

EkkoSensor for rack-level monitoring. Shows data locally in addition to sending to EkkoSoft

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Cooling Duty Sensor

Track data centre cooling loads in real-time with EkkoAir

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Wireless Data Receiver

EkkoHub – receive measurement data from up to 500 wireless sensors

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Software & Sensors

Building on powerful real-time 3D visualisation software and room-building capabilities with the industry’s most comprehensive provision of M&E capacity planning and simulation features.

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Data Centre Optimisation (DCOP)

EkkoSense is the UK’s leading firm of data centre cooling optimisation & thermal risk experts, with a specialist team of thermal and cooling experts that brings over 25 years’ proven operational experience. The company’s DCOP (Data Centre OPtimisation) process offers a structured suite of services designed to ensure ASHRAE-compliance and secure data centre cooling energy savings.

DCOP activities significantly reduce the risks posed by potential thermal failures, and range from airflow balancing and fan speed adjustments through to CRAC optimisation to help meet ASHRAE guidelines. The DCOP team can also adjust the BMS configuration to optimise cooling environments, while comprehensive resilience testing enables organisations to adopt a more active approach to their ongoing thermal compliance.

EkkoSense DCOP

Taking the guesswork out of data centre thermal optimisation

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