EkkoIOT - Remote powerline monitoring

EkkoIOT - Remote powerline monitoring

Originally developed in association with SSEN, (Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks), EkkoIoT was designed to address the business challenge of helping utility companies to proactively manage the maintenance of powerlines more efficiently.

Benefits of EkkoIOT:

  • More cost-effective management-quicker response to outages
  • Prevent networkdowntime ROI based on 1 major outage prevented
  • Intelligent estate management from a central dashboard – dramatically speeds up network asset assessment
  • Enables fast deployment of maintenance teams to exact point of network failure should a fault occur during storms

EkkoIOT uses a 9-axis Inertial Measurement Unit to detect and monitor the movement and stability of utility poles and tracks performance in different weather conditions over time. The low power devices successfully use solar technology and MultiConnect ConduitTM LoRa gateways from MultiTech to achieve long-range communications. EkkoIOT will monitor an area of over 1,000km2 for SSEN on the Isle of Skye.

An estate page on the EkkoSoft software platform indicates the status of all poles – Critical, Warning or OK. New alerts appear proactively when a change is detected by hardware (instant) or software (trend over time). A main dashboard allows users to drill down to analytics on an individual pole / asset performance.

Ekkosense is currently exploring other applications for efficient remote monitoring using incredibly low powered solutions.