Our Company


Dean Boyle and Stu Redshaw founded EkkoSense in 2013 to help organisations resolve the thermal risks their data centres face from inefficient cooling strategies.
Calling on the most advanced sensing, software and analytics solutions for the built environment, EkkoSense is committed to eliminating thermal risk and improving cooling energy savings for customers. With the data centre industry currently only achieving 34% cooling utilisation and where 11% of data racks aren’t thermally compliant, only EkkoSense can guarantee 100% ASHRAE rack thermal compliance, deliver guaranteed cooling energy savings and protect your critical environment from thermal risk. Today the company has grown to become one of the IT industry’s leaders in the provision of software-driven thermal optimisation for critical live environments, as well as providing best practice asset management services for renewables estates and power utilities.
To take advantage of this opportunity, EkkoSense has continued to invest in its software and sensor functionality, and has also strengthened its data centre optimisation proposition both in terms of personnel and further process innovations. As a result, EkkoSense is now clearly established as an industry leader when it comes to optimising thermal performance across critical facilities. As a privately-owned company, EkkoSense is growing strongly – expanding its engagement with major customers and increasingly engaging with organisations on an international basis. To accelerate this growth, the company recently received a major growth capital investment from Foresight Group, the leading independent infrastructure and private equity investment manager. In addition, EkkoSense has also strengthened its board with a number of senior industry appointments.

Our People

The EkkoSense team consists of thermal, mechanical, refrigeration engineers and Ph.D. thermal experts with 25+ years’ experience in optimising critical data centre environments. Based at the University of Nottingham Innovation Park, EkkoSense brings together thermal expertise, innovation in sensor technology, 3D software visualisation and analytics, and proven optimisation capabilities to achieve entirely new levels of thermal optimisation.
EkkoSense has the people, immersive software, innovative sensors and expert thermal services to help optimise your critical facilities and remove thermal risk for your organisation. This expertise gives EkkoSense early insight into key technologies such as low-cost Internet of Things sensors, 3D software and advanced analytics – and that translates directly into quantifiable reductions in data centre cooling costs and thermal risk for your organisation.

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Enabling Real-Time Decision-Making

Unlike traditional critical cooling approaches, EkkoSense harnesses the potential of the ‘fully-sensed’ data centre to enable new levels of thermal compliance, cooling energy cost reduction and capacity optimisation. By applying the real-time, rack-level machine learning data gathered by its wireless IoT sensors to the EkkoSoft Critical spatial model, EkkoSense has created the platform for the kind of real-time decision-making and scenario planning capabilities that organisations need to transition towards true AI-managed precision data centres.
EkkoSense’s track record of innovation has enabled the creation of an entirely new class of smart thermal optimisation propositions based around the company’s next generation IoT sensors and true, rack-level granular data. The result is a rack-level detailed map of your critical facilities that displays not only real-time cooling and thermal performance, but also provides the core machine learning data needed to power next generation real-time decision-making based on EkkoSense’s proven space, cooling and power algorithms.