Monitor Your Server Temperature With EkkoSoft Critical

Monitor your server temperature with EkkoSoft Critical

Much of the data centre industry still relies on historical data reports to manage thermal risk levels. While helpful for historical analysis, the reality is that identifying thermal inefficiencies this way means that the data is typically out of date for effective problem resolution. Data centres have been around for almost 50 years now. For such a critical metric thermal performance monitoring really should have moved beyond this kind of basic ‘tick-box’ reporting. EkkoSoft Critical directly addresses this issue drawing on a range of IT disciplines to help data centres gain a true real-time perspective through modelling, visualising and monitoring your thermal utilisation. Using the latest 3D visualisation techniques and real-time inputs from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, EkkoSense is able – for the first time – to provide data centre operators with an intuitive, holistic 3D real-time view of their data centre environment.
What does this mean in practice? Seeing your data centre environment’s physical and thermal dynamics in a realistic 360-degree real-time view means you can quickly establish where exactly you are currently under-cooling or over-cooling. You get to find out what’s happening now, not what it was like last week or last month. And this means you can move quickly to fix any issues before they impact performance and resilience. Thermal Visualisation across your entire data centre estate EkkoSoft Critical also delivers a step change improvement in enterprise data centre risk management, with real-time thermal visualisation across your entire data centre estate. By removing the latency associated with traditional monitoring, you can now apply best practice thermal optimisation across all your data centre rooms from a single SaaS-based EkkoSoft Critical console.

Key EkkoSoft Critical capabilities

Thermal/Airflow/Power monitoring live and historical rack level monitoring from manual and sensor inputs 3D visualisation of your own room or estate’s thermal/cooling profile – view changes over time, track cooling performance/efficiency, manage your thermal compliance with alerts Easy-to-use rapid 3D Room Builder – lets you model and build your own room layouts virtually in under an hour, with intuitive map editing and simple asset tracking
Live 3D immersive views allowing you to remotely walk through your data centre environment to check on specific racks and monitor air flows Intuitive SaaS software particularly compared to traditional BMS and DCIM system

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