When your rooms are fully mapped for multiple thermal data fields, it’s possible to achieve entirely new levels of data centre thermal compliance and cooling energy efficiency. With our distinctive blend of low-cost wireless sensors, 3D visualisation software and proven optimisation skills – we are uniquely placed to help you ensure you have the right cooling, power and space strategies in place.

At EkkoSense our expert consultants not only recommend the actions needed to optimise your business critical operations but can go on to implement bespoke action plans to guarantee thermal optimisation for your critical environments. We help you to solve your 3 most critical data centre cooling challenges:


Thermal issues are the 2nd largest cause of data centre loss of service – there’s simply no room for complacency. We help you mitigate that risk, by establishing and maintaining 100% ASHRAE data centre cooling compliance

Cooling Costs

Cooling is a major consumer of data centre energy, however rooms that have been thermally optimised by EkkoSense save an average of 23% on energy costs – with typical payback in less than 12 months


Most data centres don’t know their current cooling utilisation. EkkoSense provides real-time insight so, instead of adding more cooling systems, you can take advantage of our comprehensive M&E capacity planning with full cooling and power coverage.

How confident are you that your data centres are ASHRAE thermally compliant?

Despite best efforts, even the best run data centres still have cooling power and capacity issues.

Recent analysis from over 70 major data centres found that 11% of data centre racks weren’t actually ASHRAE thermally compliant. And with typical cooling unit utilisation rates averaging just 34%, organisations are still spending far more than they need to on expensive data centre cooling systems and costly DCIM or consultancy-led CFD approaches.

Cooling issues still account for almost a third of unplanned data centre outages

However, it’s hard to identify what’s causing the problem without live, real-time thermal visualisation.

Thanks to its unique blend of low-cost wireless Internet of Things sensors, powerful 3D visualisation software and proven thermal optimisation capabilities, EkkoSense gives you access to the real-time cooling and power coverage you need to track your critical heartbeat operational data.


Months To Payback (Average time taken)


Rack-level ASHRAE thermal compliance


Average data centre cooling energy savings

Achieving entirely new levels of thermal control cooling and power efficiency

For true cooling optimisation, it’s necessary for data centre and facilities management professionals to monitor and report on thermal and cooling data in a very granular fashion, down to individual rack level.

But to make that happen you need to call on around 10x more sensors than are currently deployed in today’s typical data centre. But with the EkkoSense low cost Critical Things® family of wireless thermal sensors and our EkkoSoft immersive 3D thermal visualisation software, you can build in-depth maps of all your data centre rooms that display all your cooling, power and thermal performance in real-time.

Delivering thermal compliance and cooling energy cost reduction

With the right sensors and software in place, EkkoSense’s proven optimisation process is ready to remove thermal risk and unlock cooling energy savings.

Thanks to our vast experience and structured approach – whether you’re operating a single data centre or an international estate of critical facilities – EkkoSense’s full service approach is guaranteed to remove 100% of thermal risk from your data centre operations. And with confirmed cooling energy savings of over 30% in many cases, EkkoSense always delivers a rapid return on your investment.

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